Brake Sevice

Brake Service in Denver

A squeaky, squealing or grinding noise when you apply your brakes indicates a problem that may require brake service.  Low, spongy or falling brake pedal is a sign of a potentially dangerous hydraulic condition in your brake system.  Astro is equipped to handle all brake problems from a simple and inexpensive brake pad replacement to a hydraulic repair, or a more extensive brake system overhaul.

Usually a standard brake pad replacement takes about an hour per axle and includes resurfacing or replacement of the brake rotors, replacing the friction material, cleaning and lubricating the brake caliper slides, checking fluid and a thorough inspection of the entire brake system for any additional problems.  Disc brake rotors have a minimum thickness specification that requires Astro’s technicians to measure the thickness of each rotor when we perform brake service on your vehicle to determine if we are able to resurface the rotors.  If the measured thickness is under the minimum thickness specifications, the rotor will need to be replaced.

Slow brake response or just generally poor braking quality can be caused by a compromised hydraulic system.  Contaminated brake fluid, leaky master cylinder and/or calipers and wheel cylinders will diminish your ability to brake quickly and safely.  These items are thoroughly inspected with every brake inspection.

Astro Automotive includes a brake inspection with virtually every service and offers a free brake inspection on request.  Call to set up on appointment to have your brakes checked today!