Scheduled Maintenance Services

Astro is able to perform all your factory scheduled maintenance services requirements to maintain your vehicle’s warranty.  Including oil changes, fluid changes, vehicle inspections and lubrication.  Astro has all service requirements and service recommendations as specified in your owner’s manual on our computer for all makes and models.

Each manufacturer has its own service requirements to maintain your warranty.  Typically, they have to do with lubrication, oil change and inspection requirements at predetermined mileage intervals.  In addition to these mileage requirements, there are important service recommendations.  These recommendations are based on mileage and/or months to address wearing or worn parts.  These would include timing belts, spark plugs, filters, serpentine belts, light bulbs, transmission filter and fluid service and other component fluid services.  These services should be performed to keep your vehicle safe and performing at its best.  The service advisors at Astro Automotive will be able to customize a maintenance schedule just for your vehicle and your individual driving needs.  Get yours today!