Oil Change and Maintenance Services

     Astro offers complete oil change and maintenance services including our standard oil filter, 5 quarts of oil, lubrication, safety inspection and vehicle inspection for $34.95.  Astro also carries synthetic and extended mileage oils for any specialized applications including a full line of BG products.  Recommended oil change intervals are from 3,000 to 4,500 miles depending on application.  Our safety inspection includes checking all lights and a brake inspection. All fluids, belts and hoses are also checked.  A full checklist is performed with each oil change.

Denver Oil Change and Other Fluid Maintenance ServicesFor oil change and maintenance services the following fluids should be changed or flushed periodically. Brake fluid, this is the hydraulic fluid used in the brake system to activate your brakes under pressure. After a few years this fluid gets heavily contaminated and needs to be flushed out. The same thing applies to the power steering fluid, it becomesvery dirty and starts to cause the power steering pump to groan and become jerky.  Flushing the power steering system and installing new fluid makes the steering feel new again.   Manual transmission fluid, Transfer case fluid, and Differential fluid should be replaced periodically, usually every 50,000 miles.

     Astro Automotive and vehicle manufacturers recommend servicing the automatic transmission every 30,000 miles for most vehicles.  This service includes replacing the filter, pan gasket and fluid as well as an inspection of the internal parts and a test drive.