Used Vehicle Inspection

“It is highly recommended that before you purchase a used vehicle, you bring in the vehicle for a complete inspection to make sure you are not buying a vehicle that has not been maintained properly, has hidden defects or repairs that haven’t been addressed and that are now both overdue and expensive. Not only will this give you peace of mind in knowing that you will be buying a dependable vehicle, but that you will know what to expect for repairs and/or maintenance going forward.

Astro provides a thorough used vehicle inspection that covers 50+ areas of the vehicle and a test drive. We then list any areas of concern and give you a good idea of what might be needed and the cost should you elect to purchase the vehicle. We will also caution you should we discover any expensive or dangerous problems to make sure you are able to make an informed decision on your used vehicle purchase. This service takes a little over an hour. Please call ahead of time to schedule your inspection, usually we can do the inspection the same day you call with some lead time.

Before you bring in the vehicle, we recommend that you test drive the vehicle yourself both in-town driving and highway driving and make notes of anything you hear or feel while driving; then relay that information to your service adviser before the inspection.”

Here is a list of some of the areas we inspect in our 50 point inspection:

• fluid leaks
• cooling system
• belts and hoses
• maintenance items
• condition of fluids
• steering linkage
• suspension
• tires and tire wear, alignment wear
• brakes
• accessories
• exhaust
• drivability
• road test
• general overall condition of vehicle
• computer scan to verify if the computer is working properly

We have performed thousands of these vehicle inspections over the years and have saved a lot of people from buying a vehicle that we know needs a lot of money put into it in order to run safely and not breakdown.

Auto Repair

Denver Auto Repair Specialists
Astro has been a leader in honest quality auto repairs and service since 1972. In addition to general automobile repair we provide expert maintenance services designed to keep your auto running at its peak performance.
Astro Automotive is a family operation bringing a friendly, personal and caring service experience to our customers.  Once you have experienced the difference we bring to your auto repair service, you will see why we have been the first choice for generations of families as well as company fleets for decades.

Winter is coming! – Winterize Your Vehicle!

winterize your car

Get ready for the cold weather!
We are running a winter special to help you get ready for the cold weather and most importantly save you money! Having your vehicle checked before it starts getting cold can prevent cooling system problems and dead batteries that leave you stranded, which nobody needs! 

get your car winterized

Check out our $59.95 oil change special!
We check and service your battery, test your coolants freezing point, replace wiper blades and give your vehicle a good once over to prevent as many problems as possible.
(Up to 5 quarts of oil. Synthetic oil extra. Up to 2 wiper blades. Specialty wiper blades extra.)

Give us a call and set up an appointment today!

Coupon and Specials!

New Customer Special

Astro Automotive - New Customer Special

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Oil and Lube Special


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Shocks and Struts Special


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Maintenance Special


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Engine Repair

Denver Engine Repair

Astro is fully equipped to handle all heavy line engine repair including oil leaks, cooling system leaks, gasket replacement, water pumps, valve jobs and engine replacement.

Oil leaks are common on most vehicles after 60,000 miles.  Typically, oil leaks are caused by a valve cover gasket failure or oil cooler lines where the braided hoses have deteriorated at the connectors.  These leaks are caused by the constant change of temperature in the engine operation which creates the wear and tear on the parts.  Most of these oil leaks are repaired in one day.  Sometimes an engine will get so covered with oil that we will need to steam clean the engine first before we are able to find the location of the leak.  Our service advisor will let you know what procedure your vehicle will need after our inspection.

Another common cause of engine leaks is the intake manifold gasket.  An intake manifold gasket failure can cause a coolant and/or an oil leak.  This repair requires the removal of the intake manifold and can be performed in one day.

Puddles of coolant under the engine compartment, usually occurring after the vehicle has been parked for an hour often indicates a bad water pump.  This leak usually occurs as the engine is cooling down.

Complete engine failures are rare in today’s vehicles, but unfortunately it does happen sometimes.  When it happens, we consider the total cost of the engine repair or replacement versus the value and potential life of the vehicle involved.  Working with the customer, we will provide all elements of the repair cost and our opinion as to the value of the repair to allow the customer to make the right decision going forward.

Oil Change and Maintenance Services

     Astro offers complete oil change and maintenance services including our standard oil filter, 5 quarts of oil, lubrication, safety inspection and vehicle inspection for $34.95.  Astro also carries synthetic and extended mileage oils for any specialized applications including a full line of BG products.  Recommended oil change intervals are from 3,000 to 4,500 miles depending on application.  Our safety inspection includes checking all lights and a brake inspection. All fluids, belts and hoses are also checked.  A full checklist is performed with each oil change.

Denver Oil Change and Other Fluid Maintenance ServicesFor oil change and maintenance services the following fluids should be changed or flushed periodically. Brake fluid, this is the hydraulic fluid used in the brake system to activate your brakes under pressure. After a few years this fluid gets heavily contaminated and needs to be flushed out. The same thing applies to the power steering fluid, it becomesvery dirty and starts to cause the power steering pump to groan and become jerky.  Flushing the power steering system and installing new fluid makes the steering feel new again.   Manual transmission fluid, Transfer case fluid, and Differential fluid should be replaced periodically, usually every 50,000 miles.

     Astro Automotive and vehicle manufacturers recommend servicing the automatic transmission every 30,000 miles for most vehicles.  This service includes replacing the filter, pan gasket and fluid as well as an inspection of the internal parts and a test drive.

Suspension Services

   Seeking proper suspension services is critical to the life and performance of your car. The suspension of your vehicle is a very important component in the overall safety of your vehicle.  The suspension system consists of many components that not only control the quality and comfort of the ride, but have a major role in the overall handling of the vehicle by keeping the tires in constant contact with the road and keeping the body of the vehicle from rolling back and forth during turns and lane changes.

     The main components of the suspension system are the springs, struts, shocks, control arms and the sway bar.  The springs supply the cushioning effect for the ride while supporting the vehicle’s weight and maintaining the riding height.  The struts and shocks provide the control and dampening effect for the bounce of the spring.  The control arms allow the wheels to move up and down independently to maintain tire contact with the road.  The control arms are directly controlled by the springs and shocks.  The sway bar works with the suspension system to reduce body roll on turns.

     Does your vehicle seem more difficult to control during sudden driving maneuvers, changing lanes or quick stops or just seems like it is all over the road?  Are you experiencing excessive bounce going over bumps or does the nose of your vehicle dive down at stops?  Does the quality of the ride seem to be less than you remember?  If you have one or more of these symptoms, most likely, you have worn out struts and/or shocks.  Worn struts and shocks also cause premature tire wear including choppy or scalloped tread wear. 

     A large percentage of vehicles on the road today need new struts and shocks.  The reason that drivers are not as aware of the need for new struts and shocks on their vehicle as they should be, is that the loss of the dampening ability of the struts and shocks happens so gradually that drivers are unable to feel the difference compared to how their vehicle rode and handled when it was new.  Have the experts at Astro check your struts and shocks to see if you need to have them replaced.  If they do and you get them replaced, you will be amazed at the difference in your vehicle’s ride and handling!  You will fall in love with your car all over again!