About Our Service

Highly Skilled Auto Mechanics

At Astro our auto mechanics take auto repair to a new level. Not only are our technicians highly skilled auto mechanics, but they are trained diagnosticians that are able to streamline the auto repair process by properly diagnosing the problem first and giving our service advisors the information needed to give you an accurate estimate.  Sometimes this process has to be done in steps.  There may be more than one cause contributing to the problem.  When this happens, we may have to do one repair first before we can continue the diagnosis process.  If this is the case, our Service Advisor will inform you what procedure will be required and explain the costs involved ahead of time.

Our technicians are certified auto mechanics

First and foremost our professionals are auto mechanics.  This means that they use their heads as well as diagnostic equipment.  Sometimes a problem appears to be greater than it really is.  Using the knowledge that comes with years of experience, we are able to solve some problems by a simple visual inspection that results in a quick easy repair at little to no charge to you.  Our professional technicians are certified auto mechanics who regularly attend ongoing technical classes to keep their skills and knowledge current.  We have specialists who are recognized experts in:

  • Electrical
  • Steering Systems
  • Brake Systems
  • Fuel Injection
  • Cooling Systems
  • Axles
  • Carburetion
  • Engine Repair
  • Air Conditioning
  • Computer Diagnostics
  • Alignment and Suspension
  • Clutches

BTA (short for Batteries, Tires and Accessories)

We have a large variety of name brand parts available for all domestic and import vehicles.  Astro Automotive will always use time tested, quality made parts in repairing your vehicle.  Using our computerized parts locator service we are able to secure most parts needed for your vehicle in less than a hour which in turn allows us to offer one day service on most repairs. We service all tire brands offering a variety or tire services including repair, rotation, mounting and computer spin balancing.  We are proud to offer the following tire brands for sale: National, Uniroyal, Goodyear, Michelin, BF Goodrich, Cooper, Hankook and Yokohama Please click on “Tires” to learn more about our tires. Conveniently Located Astro Automotive is centrally located for easy drop off and pick up.  Our FREE shuttle is available to take you to your home or office within a two mile radius of our shop including downtown.  Free loaner cars are available for large jobs and require a reservation and a signed agreement.  Another convenient alternative is light rail.  The RTD light rail station is located on Cherokee 3 blocks south of our shop.  Most repairs are done the same day and our new waiting room is available for quick maintenance and repair jobs.   We also offer After Hours / Night Drop envelopes for easy vehicle drop off when Astro is closed.  We will call you the following day to confirm we received your vehicle.

All Auto Mechanic Work Guaranteed for 12,000 miles or 12 months

All Work Guaranteed for 12,000 miles or 12 months which ever comes first.


Astro Automotive has been a leader in Denver auto repair for 48 years striving to keep our customer’s auto repair service experience the best in Denver! Astro Automotive is a Denver “native” servicing the metro area with a staff that represents over 125 years of combined auto repair experience, specializing in diagnostics and full service repairs of domestic and import vehicles.  In addition to general repair, we offer expert maintenance services designed to keep your vehicle operating at its peak and maintaining your vehicle’s recommended mileage interval services as required by the manufacturer.

Please check our “Services” section for a complete overview of all our featured services including pictures, videos and in depth explanations of the symptoms to look for and the repairs needed.  In this section you will able to learn about what is involved in these different auto repairs by linking you to informative videos.

Denver Auto Service - Astro Automotive

Explore our website to learn more About Us” and learn more about your vehicle and what services Astro is able to offer you.  Among these services is our new “ Owner Auto Site ” , an amazing website that is available to all our customers that allows them to view the individual repair history for each vehicle they own. This is an interactive site that allows us to keep you advised of needed mileage services, oil changes and recommended repairs by computerized estimations of your mileage using your repair history. In addition to these reminders, you can schedule appointments and ask questions online. There also are some great educational videos that will take the mystery out of the auto repair process by showing you how and why of what goes on under the hood.

We recently have added a Coupon” page to our website. Check it out monthly for new money-saving coupons.


• Same day service on most auto repair services
• 1 year or 12,000 mile warranty.
• 48 years in business with a dedication in providing the best maintenance and repairs while creating an excellent customer experience.
• 28 point courtesy check with every oil change.
• Affordable repair services.
• 6 months no interest financing available.
• Astro will prioritize needed repairs by importance.
• Comfortable waiting area with wireless internet access.
• Free brake estimates.
• Honest, friendly and knowledgeable staff.
• Shuttle service (1 mile radius includes drop off at the Alameda Light rail station)
• Vehicle maintenance and shop recommendation reminders.
• Easy communication with customers by using email and text including pictures and other important information to allow our customers the ability to make well informed decisions as to the repair of their vehicles.

    • break-repair

      Brake Service

      A squeaky, squealing or grinding noise when you apply your brakes indicates a problem that may require brake service. Low, spongy or falling brake pedal is a sign of a potentially dangerous hydraulic condition in your brake system. Astro is equipped to handle all brake problems from a simple and inexpensive brake pad replacement to a hydraulic repair, or a more extensive brake system overhaul.

    • engine-repair

      Engine Repair / Timing Belt

      Astro is fully equipped to handle all heavy line engine repair including oil leaks, cooling system leaks, gasket replacement, water pumps, valve jobs and engine replacement.Oil leaks are common on most vehicles after 60,000 miles. Typically, oil leaks are caused by a valve cover gasket failure or oil cooler lines where the braided hoses have deteriorated at the connectors.

    • air-conditioning-repair

      Maintenance Services

      Astro is able to perform all your factory scheduled maintenance services requirements to maintain your vehicle’s warranty. Including oil changes, fluid changes, vehicle inspections and lubrication. Astro has all service requirements and service recommendations as specified in your owner’s manual on our computer for all makes and models.

    • Wheel-Alignment

      Wheel Alignment

      Astro offers expert steering and wheel alignment service with a Hunter computer alignment system and two wheel alignment racks. Depending on your vehicle’s requirements, our technicians can perform either a two or a four wheel alignment while you wait. Our alignments include a complete inspection of the steering and suspension components and all tires are inflated to the proper air pressure.

    • suspension-service

      Suspension Services

      The suspension of your vehicle is a very important component in the overall safety of your vehicle. The suspension system consists of many components that not only control the quality and comfort of the ride, but have a major role in the overall handling of the vehicle by keeping the tires in constant contact with the road and keeping the body of the vehicle from rolling back and forth during turns and lane changes.

    • electrical-service

      Electrical Services

      The battery is the anchor for the Electrical Systems and Accessories and often a rapid clicking noise with a no start condition is due to dirty and corroded battery cable terminals. A faulty starter will give you a single loud “click” sound each time you turn the ignition key to the start position. This problem can only be corrected by replacing the starter.