Suspension Services

Seeking proper suspension services is critical to the life and performance of your car. The suspension of your vehicle is a very important component in the overall safety of your vehicle.  The suspension system consists of many components that not only control the quality and comfort of the ride, but have a major role in the overall handling of the vehicle by keeping the tires in constant contact with the road and keeping the body of the vehicle from rolling back and forth during turns and lane changes.

Denver Suspension ServicesThe main components of the suspension system are the springs, struts, shocks, control arms and the sway bar.  The springs supply the cushioning effect for the ride while supporting the vehicle’s weight and maintaining the riding height.  The struts and shocks provide the control and dampening effect for the bounce of the spring.  The control arms allow the wheels to move up and down independently to maintain tire contact with the road.  The control arms are directly controlled by the springs and shocks.  The sway bar works with the suspension system to reduce body roll on turns.

Does your vehicle seem more difficult to control during sudden driving maneuvers, changing lanes or quick stops or just seems like it is all over the road?  Are you experiencing excessive bounce going over bumps or does the nose of your vehicle dive down at stops?  Does the quality of the ride seem to be less than you remember?  If you have one or more of these symptoms, most likely, you have worn out struts and/or shocks.  Worn struts and shocks also cause premature tire wear including choppy or scalloped tread wear.

A large percentage of vehicles on the road today need new struts and shocks.  The reason that drivers are not as aware of the need for new struts and shocks on their vehicle as they should be, is that the loss of the dampening ability of the struts and shocks happens so gradually that drivers are unable to feel the difference compared to how their vehicle rode and handled when it was new.  Have the experts at Astro check your struts and shocks to see if you need to have them replaced.  If they do and you get them replaced, you will be amazed at the difference in your vehicle’s ride and handling!  You will fall in love with your car all over again!